About Us

We are a collective of like-minded individuals, ranging from Scouts and Venturers to Rovers and Leaders, who all dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of circus skills. We have all come together as we enjoy the artistic self-expression of performance and the community feeling of the group.

We cater to all desires, be it

  • the pure happiness that comes from juggling,
  • the dedication & perseverance that comes from staff-work,
  • the stamina and fitness demanded by acrobatics,
  • the beautiful & majestic performance that comes from a set of poi,
  • the raw aggression that is sounded from the crack of the whip, or
  • the primitive, tribal nature of a fire performance

We love to experience the thrill of running away to join the circus, while still getting to go home to our own beds at night! Everyone gets taught a basic skill set with each prop, which gives us a chance to truly come to know where we thrive.

We have performed in front of crowds as large as 700 people, and strive to regularly push our performances to the next level, with bigger & better crowds and more spectacular performances, with circus, fire and glow, always aiming to bring people back and begging for more.

State Rally Performance 2013 – Photo By Alex Motyka

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